Cialis To Get Your Confidence Back

Erectile dysfunction is the worst thing to happen to any man. It not only cause physical and emotional distress but can fall apart relationships, confidence and a man’s self esteem. Most men tend to hide it and avoid sharing about their problem with their partners and seek help. This further aggravates the problem, making the victim draw more and more into his own shell of insecurity, embarrassment and pain.

Thus before we go on to expand on the treatment options available and medicines available to treat this condition, it is important to understand that erectile dysfunction is a common problem that affects most middle aged men, one should not feel embarrassed about it and rather become open and share the problem with his partner to seek immediate medical help as this can be a warning signal for a more serious problem or problem of circulation.

Today with the advancement made in the field of science and medicine, there are a lot of treatment options available for men suffering from Erectile dysfunction. The most popular and effective among these are ED drugs such as Viagra, levitra and cialis, which have almost brought about a revolution in the field of ED making more and more men come out of their shell and embrace the solution for their troubling condition.

Although, it was Viagra which first created a sensation with its power to correct impotence and recreate the lost passion and spice in life and relationships of most men suffering from this problem, cialis, the latest drug in this field is the strongest and most effective one with its power to provide sustained erections for long periods of time, thereby making it the most sought after drug to treat ED.

The main reason behind cialis supremacy over other ED drugs like Viagra and levitra is the presence of the active ingredient, tadalafil, which is the strongest pde5 inhibitor developed by man. Now you must be wondering what is pde5 and how does cialis effects erections by inhibiting pde5. PDE5 is an enzyme found in many tissues in the body, which helps prevent blood vessels from relaxing and filling up with blood.

It is this blood flow to the penis, which is required for sustained and hard erections. Cialis blocks PDE5 and causes smooth muscle and blood vessels in the penis to relax. This relaxation leads to increased blood flow. And increased blood flow to the penis is necessary for getting and maintaining an erection. Generic cialis 20 mg can be easily taken on the weekends for a great and passionate weekend without worrying about any harmful effects.

While cialis side effects are almost nil, those taking nitrates should be careful while taking cialis, as cialis contraindicts with nitrates and may cause adverse effects. Therefore, always consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Don’t miss the spark of love life due to erectile dysfunction and start using Cialis 20mg Dosage and make love the best.